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I'm thinking about getting a Kinship house for the Watchers in the new Belfalas Homestead, however, the cost is nearly 900 mithril coins.

In other news, the Officer position is no longer simply ceremonial. The position is now reliant on actively recruiting new members and participating in activities. Anyone officer who remains inactive for a period spanning 100 days or more will be, for all intents and purposes, posthumously demoted. Any former officer who wishes to resume their duties may be reinstated at any time. All members may be eligible to become an officer, providing they have been an active member for at least three months, and have been an active participant in various activities.

I would also like to have an active kinship website. I am aware of the page, but believe it should be renovated. If there is someone willing to create an improved site or renovate the old one, volunteers will be greatly appreciated. On the site we should keep an organized schedule of weekly activities, i.e. Raids, games (freeze tag in the arena, hobnanigans, etc), Role Play (for any who participate, public or kin-only), or PvP/PvMP.

Returning shortly to the recruitment responsibilities. We are in desperate need of characters who are max level/well geared/have a good understanding of their class and are willing to teach others/have a good understanding of raid concepts. With the minuscule active population we have at the time, our raiding options are severely limited to nonexistent.

Also, when recruiting, endeavor to keep advertisements restricted to regional or OOC chat channels, to reduce World channel spam. If you do recruit on World, please keep the advertisement shorter than three lines of text. When recruiting on Regional or OOC, do not include unnecessary information regarding kinship rank.

We should also keep items donated to kinship storage strictly to Kinship Auctions for very low prices, as the majority of members will not be granted access to the Item chest. Neither will the majority be ably to decorate the kinship house, to prevent theft of items.

Cheers - Agravaine
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