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Hey guys,

So I'm 28, been playing l.o.t.r.o. for years. I've been away from the game for the last 3, and am just now getting back into it and I find I have to re-learn my class.

I'm self employed. I work as an Arborist, which is tree-care and subsequently everything that deals with it in any way shape or form. So I end up doing a lot in the area of landscaping and hard-scaping.

I play to get away from the tediousness of everyday life. I'm not huge into RP, but I am known to don a costume from time to time and strap on a broadsword for the Renn-Fest. I'm single currently, not that anyone here really needs to know that, and I have my eyes set on a person that is an infinite frustration for me. I have no idea why I am still interested, but hey its whatever.

I love to run instances, and am always down for one if you happen to log in while I am on. asking if I want to is pointless, just fellow me and we'll go burn down some orcs and angmarim.

That's about it, unless I ramble on. Ill save yall the life story.

Glad to be here.

Shaide Maite Faile
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Gimme somethin to shoot lol