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Loth / Nov 29, 2015
Hi everyone! So after two weeks or so of settling in, things seem to be going well on Landroval. How does everyone feel about how things are going? Any reports from people with alts on other servers? Share your opinions, impressions, and anything interesting here. :)
Loth / Nov 15, 2015 / Server Migration
Hi kinnies,

Here is the plan for the kinship transfer to Landroval, which will begin on Tuesday, 11/17/2015.

In order to preserve the kinship, Kibi will move first, along with the kinship itself. Kibi will post both on the kin website ( and on the Facebook group once he has successfully moved. If you want to move to Landroval with the kinship, do not transfer your characters until Kibi confirms that he has arrived on Landroval safely!

Once Kibi has transferred, you can transfer your characters, and you should find yourself auto-joined to the kinship. If for whatever reason you find that you arrive on Landroval and you are not part of Watchers, contact Kibi or Loth in-game, or via the website or Facebook, and we can re-add you.

Recommended transfer order in order to minimize the chance of item loss:

You can transfer everything all at once if you plan to send all your characters and items to the same world.

If you are splitting your characters between two or more servers, first transfer any of your characters who are home owners. Then transfer your Shared Items to your desired server (this includes wardrobe items and shared storage), and then any other characters.

Before Tuesday, if possible: please retrieve any bound items you may have in the kin-house, especially if you are not planning to transfer with the kin (they will be lost otherwise.)

Before you transfer your characters: make sure that you check mail on any of your characters. Mail and any attached items will not transfer with you.

When you move: if you own a house, you will need to purchase a new one on your destination server. Any items in your house will be in the house chest and the escrow broker on your new server.

Note: You don’t have to transfer your characters on Tuesday. Your characters will remain on Imladris for the foreseeable future for you to transfer off (free) at any time after Tuesday. However, servers who have already begun the transfer process report that they tend to empty out quite quickly, so although you will be able to log into Imladris until next March, you might not find very much going on.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Loth or Kibi either in-game, on the website, or via Facebook, and we will help however we can.

See you on the other side!!

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Loth / Nov 09, 2015 / Server Migration
Ok guys. Some of you may have already seen the forum thread - Imladris is set to open for transfers next Tuesday, November 17th. Kibi or I will post more information shortly. Just to reiterate, to keep the kin together it's important that Kibi transfers first. If you want to stay with the kin, please don't do anything until we have the plan together. Contact me or Kibi with any questions.

Make sure to keep checking back here for news before you do anything!!!

Also - do note that we will have a presence on Crickhollow as well, since a large portion of Imladris will be transferring there. Let me or Kibi know if you want to join us there.
Loth / Oct 14, 2015 / Server Migration
Hi all,

Here's a collection, updated by Vyvyanne the Executive Producer, of all the current information on World Transfers.

Windfola opens on the 20th, so that means that within a week or two afterwards, it will be Imladris's turn.

REMEMBER... Kibi needs to transfer first, as kin leader, to ensure that there will be a kin for you guys to join when you get to Landroval, if you are transferring with us. We will update this website, Facebook, and the Message of the Day on Imladris to let you know when that has happened.

More info as it comes....
Loth / Sep 24, 2015 / Server Migration
Here's a very useful forum thread collecting all of the known details on how to migrate your characters from one server to another.

(It's fantastic with the possible exception of Comic Sans...uggh!)

As always, if you have questions about the transfer, find Kibi or Loth and we'll be glad to help. :)