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(Mar 13, 2016)
Ingredient Crate has been added to the Kinhouse. (Sorry for your troubles Beo, just noticed your note, my bad.)
(Feb 28, 2016)
having trouble with my computer right now , making it hard for me to stay on the game for more then a few minutes without shutting down
(Feb 26, 2016)
Welcome to the site Duvet!
(Feb 19, 2016)
Brand new Watchers of Elendil group on Steam @
(Feb 07, 2016)
Welcome to the site Aerodine (FKA Aldant)
(Jan 25, 2016)
Welcome Ashtoreth and Wolfic to the website!
(Jan 04, 2016)
Welcome fightersmalls, sorry it took a bit to come and approve it ;)
(Dec 10, 2015)
Welcome to the website, Miohana!! :)
(Nov 29, 2015)
There's an Imladris party on Crickhollow every Friday night; stop by if you want to say hi to old friends!
(Nov 17, 2015)
Kibi has transferred successfully, yu can transfer now :) Loth will soon post the proper news ;)
(Nov 16, 2015)
Hey guys - just FYI - the kin house neighborhood on Landroval - Lond en Aur, Duillond, has a lot of housing available if you want to have your house near the kin-halls.
(Nov 13, 2015)
Thanks for the Welcome guys. and specifically Loth since you posted it lol. As soon as the transfer is effected i will be able to take asouveous up to par in gear. and finally get my toons name back. YAYYY
(Nov 10, 2015)
Welcome Asouveous to the website!!
(Nov 09, 2015)
Welcome @Aoifea to the website :)
(Nov 25, 2013)
hey guys! sorry for my long absence....alot been going on in rl n still keeping me from logging decent hours :( will try n have more of a presence online n here on the website more but plz bear with me. cheers :)
(Nov 03, 2013)
I just got back after a long time of not visiting these forums lmao. How is everyone?
(Sep 24, 2013)
This place is way too DEAD for my taste guys :-\
(Aug 10, 2013)
Wish I could make it, but was busy with my kin today working on Bells of Dale 85 T2c lol
(Aug 10, 2013)
CofA has another RP event today, Fishing at the docks of Celondim, 6 PM Servertime. (Kael, I AM inviting you, if you're around, lol :) )
(Aug 09, 2013)
Leave it to Turbine to, once again, provide low quality material.